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Shown above is a time-lapse of a hand-dug hugelkultur mound.

Hugelkultur means mound culture in German. The wood/soil/compost mixture encourages mycelium growth which assists plants in nutrient absorption, and retains adequate soil moisture all year.

I chose this site as there is a convenient source of horse manure nearby and I had leftover branches from the thinning of mushroom logs. I even inoculated oyster mushroom spawn inside the exposed logs.

One thought on “Hugelkultur

  1. Hi Ian
    You do not know me but I had the pleasure of working with your Mom Teresa foe several years and in fact she was the first to mentor me. I was looking for something else when I cam across your web site and I must tell you must be what God intended when he placed humanity in charge of the earth – unlike the majority of us I’m afraid.
    If you you sell seedlings or other products please let me know. If I am going to purchase anything I would rather purchase from someone like you.
    Congratulations and I wish you every success – we are all better off because of people like you.

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