EBC Site #103: Stephens

Ed Stephens is in the process of generously deeding various parcels to the Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy. The property permits access to users of the Ganaraska Trail, and consequently to several ATV users as well. The ATV tracks have since created much erosion damage to the trail in addition to the erosion by the Noisy River which the trail is adjacent to. Stewardship of this property will require some preventative measures.

September 2012 update: last month’s T-post efforts at restricting ATV access was easily bent down. I have since sledged an 8′ long 3″ dia. pipe half-way into the trail so I don’t expect too many ATVs going through that. The OPP have also been put on the alert. Two pics have been added to show the fix. I’m proud to say I actually managed to ram the pipe in all by myself.

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