Ivan’s Backyard

With all the foraging, mushroom, and tree planting prep I’ve done lately, my backyard has admittedly been a passing thought. When my pets don’t ‘mow’ the lawn fast enough, my tenant keeps everything in good check. So in one sense, a well-established garden needs little maintenance. Having well-established herbs allows me to start dividing them to colonise the bare soil at other sites where much more attention is needed.

Although I have many food species and edible landscape plants, much of the yard is left to aesthetics. That said, a native prairie meadow, edible herbs, and ornamental pollinator plants are much needed for insects and would be beneficial for many landscapes.

I have unlearned my conditioning on property and ownership, and am determined to push my boundaries. That is, given that trees are a long-term investment, they also are a worthwhile legacy for the future of the earth and for property value, even if I don’t get a chance to enjoy the fruits. Also consider that the local food movement is only going to grow in importance.

Over the past year, I have rain barrel-compatible mushroom logs inoculating, established the understorey species for my pear tree. Next year, I will consider hardy persian walnut, yellowhorn, and goumi, all trees which are very unknown to this climate and culture.

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