Hardy Persian Walnuts for Sale

Very Special Persian Walnut Tree Saplings Now Available  spring 2018 update: 2′ seedlings are available for April 2018 bare-root planting $20ea or 8 for $100. They are quite deeply taprooted so larger trees are not recommended as they will be much more difficult to transplant.

Very special things deserve a very special story…

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How hardy is hardy? In the year (2012) that devastated Ontario’s fruit orchards (yes Toronto Star readers, not just magnolia blossoms!), hardy Georgian Bay Persian walnuts produced abundantly. Therefore, after 30-65 years of acclimatization, the seed nuts from the parent trees are not only jet-lag-free, the tree and now its seedlings are genetically adapted to grow here. 1 point for diversity.

The Persian walnuts (also known as California or English or Carpathian walnuts) were planted by Minnie Sheridan and her mom. 2 of the full-sized trees were planted 65 years ago, bear smaller nuts, and are the hardiest. 2 more trees planted 25 years ago yield store-sized walnuts. All trees produced prolifically in 2012. 1 point for long-term vision.

I met Minnie in the summer of 2012 at her 97th birthday celebration while cycling to the Slabtown Eden. She was having seconds on her birthday cake and offered me to join her family for a slice. 1 point for strong family roots at her longtime homestead.

I have since been back many times to help Minnie with her nut harvest, just like the pioneer days when entire families would go ‘nutting’ in their grove. She lives independently, was quick to correct me on which year her son retired, and still bends down to pick all the grounders she can. 1 point for amazing health.

In keeping with the seasons, I’ve eaten many nuts fresh, shared my nuttiness with others, and the next generation of Persian walnuts hardy to Southern Georgian Bay Zone 5a / 5b have sprouted. 1 point for eating in season (pun fully intended).

Thumbs up to Minnie for establishing deep roots at her family farm, inter-generational thinking, and vibrant health! We hand-picked the largest seeds to plant and they are establishing wonderfully. Consider ‘diversifying your investment portfolio’ with 3 walnut trees that can feed generations in perpetuity? Contact us to reserve your seedlings, ideally before bud break in early-mid spring.

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