School Edible Forest Garden

School Edible Forest Garden

Eden in Season is incorporating edible forest gardening principles into the Beaver Valley Community Garden. The garden integrates the activities of several local community groups to germinate the next generation of children, and their awareness of the delicious fruits, berries, and herbs everyone can grow. Click here for details.

Although no nut trees will be planted, this is in no way related to the Toronto Star front page article concerning a City of Vaughan parent’s request to remove oak trees from school property. Although this article has achieved much media sensation, the public’s response has overwhelmingly been in the form of ridicule based on reader comments.

Eden in Season promptly issued the following editorial to the Toronto Star, City of Vaughan councillors, and the York Region Catholic School Board in response to the article (editorial as sent below has since been published Nov 17 by the Toronto Star):

Re: Remove acorn risk, parent urges city, Nov 13

It should be clear acorns pose no nut allergy risk, as defined by the US Food and Drug Administration.

As a business owner specializing in edible tree landscaping, including a project with a local school, food allergies are a major consideration in deciding whether to plant nut trees. The school has decided not to incorporate nut tree species in the design of their edible forest garden. However, I look forward to incorporating allergy education, thanks to the existing walnut, pine, and gingko trees on school property.

Along with prevention and avoidance, it is equally important to ensure our children are educated of the trees they may encounter in their everyday settings.

Ivan Chan, Collingwood

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