February 2013 Blue Economy, Beaver Valley Community Garden

Happy New Year!

That’s right, less than 2 weeks ago the new moon signified the Year of the Snake’s arrival. While China’s population is increasingly urbanized 50 weeks of the year, out-of-province workers take 2 weeks off to participate in the world’s biggest yearly migration. Quite amazing that this culture remains a strong sense of responsibility to provide for their family and homeland, quite like a bird following their instincts.

Oh, and happy 2013 too… guess it’s been that long since my last blog update. I’m doing great but it’s been very busy between juggling client chats, trade shows, speaking events, and my additional volunteer organization initiatives.

Blue Economy: cuz like forest gardens are so in

Alison McGillivray directed me to the visionary “Gunter Pauli who believes that the green economy in which what is good for us is also too expensive for most, needs to be turned on its head.” He showcases “100 zero emissions entrepreneurial ideas that he hopes will help point our way towards sustainable existence on this planet.” I haven’t checked out many of the ideas, so thanks Alison for sifting through the list and sharing one of the projects relevant to me. This could be the next passing fad, or we can step up and commit to our ‘homeland’ for the long-term. Nice mention of the role of children’s gardens and learning in the article too.


Speaking of school gardens, what are you doing on March 6th…

Community Garden at Beaver Valley School (Click here for our community garden web site)

Local organizations collaborate for Spring 2013 launch

The Beaver Valley Community School grounds will be the site of a new demonstration garden, and we would love to hear from you. The community garden will enable learning opportunities and healthy food for school students, Beaver Valley Outreach, and Environment Network programs. This demonstration site will also enable a range of local businesses and individuals to contribute and be recognized in this public and visible site.

Public meeting:
Wednesday March 6th, 2013 6:30-7:00pm
or drop-in anytime between 5-8pm
L E Shore Memorial Library
175 Bruce South, Thornbury
Activities for children

For more information, please contact Ivan Chan at 705 444 2684 or ivan@edeninseason.ca.

Peas, lovage, and soiladarity!

PS I promise my next post will have links to my viral videos

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