May 2013 Johnny Appleseed Time

Just picked up a van load of fruit and nut bearing trees and have extra heartnuts, hazelnuts, and pine nuts available. A belated Mother’s Day gift is yours for $25-$40 bare-root, and will be potted soon. (Yes, I’m following the coat-tails of the many successful businesses who started things off selling out of their van.)

A big thank you to the 30+ folks who helped out, learned all about, and took home their own mushroom log. I still have some mushroom spawn in my fridge so I may do one more inoculation in late May south of Collingwood, and maybe go for a hike to catch the tail-end of the leeks.

Thanks also for everyone who filled out last year’s survey, announcing Ron Sky as the winner of the ready-to-fruit oyster mushroom log. For this year’s draw, any new monthly-ish blog subscribers are automatically entered into the mushroom log draw.

Belated thought-provoking article, hilarious pics, press mentions, and TV out-takes all collecting dust… maybe next month!

One thought on “May 2013 Johnny Appleseed Time

  1. Hi Ivan

    Thanks for the blog . Hope all is well with you ! Sounds like you’ve been busy. Keep up the good work.



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