September 2013 Prepearing the Harvests

Free pears. No joke. Buy a inoculated mushroom log, hardy English walnut sapling, help with prepearations, or just come and thank the tree when you take a generous bounty of pears with you. Shan, Sarah, and myself now preserved 320.5 pears at yesterday’s pearparation party in jars with cinnamon, anise, and cloves. That’s out of the 1,234 pears on my one tree this year!

Speaking of prolific harvests, we have several hundred 1′ tall hardy English walnut seedlings (3 for $30), and inoculated shiitake and oyster mushroom logs. Now for sale, so contact us or look for us with Germinate Holistic Arts at the Great Northern Exhibition and maybe the last few Collingwood and Clarksburg farmer’s markets. More details and stories to come in the fall/winter blog posts.

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