November 2013 Apple Powered Bicycle Trip

How can one combine the most sustainable transportation while enjoying our Eden’s abundance? In my annual endurance journey by bicycle and foot, I search for the freshest, wildest, and tastiest… well, that level of physical activity requires a caloric intake of 30 wild apples daily, supplemented with other wild finds. Now in my 8th year (yeah I know Survivor Man totally like stole my idea), I cheated and had a serious stash of last year’s black walnuts for nibbles. Maybe next year I will incorporate fresh heartnuts and black walnuts into the wild bounty.

What does it mean to eat in season? Pick a flower and it may force a bloom through considerable stress, but it has long already lost its vibrancy. When I shake a tree and it sprinkles a few fruits down, the ripest thing to eat could not be any more obvious. As its tree-ripened sugars sink into my teeth, it is radiant with life, and therefore I am. Most of these are established heirloom varieties growing with nature and drawing the full array of macro, micronutrients, and anti-oxidants. Contrast this with the majority of our produce which is dosed with chemical N-P-K fertilzer pills feeding off surface-rooted annuals, in soil so disturbed and weak that much of it leaches through the ground or erodes. Dare to find something fresher, closer, or more sustainably enjoyed!

2013 Apple Powered Cliff Camp-out

What else is this wild powered bike trip about besides food? It’s about releasing my attachment to the phone, computers, money, artificial time, and a heated and dry place at night. In exchange, I offer myself fully to nature’s voice, listening to the trees and seeing its shadowplay with the wind, and waking at sunrise from my cliff camp-out. I also had a few ego and purist reality checks, first with a rain scare, then a cave experience in which I was given the choice to focus my mind or face my own burial. Preparation first, petty permaculturist!

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