February 2014 (2) Sweet Chestnuts

Here is yet another heart-warming story from one of our client’s properties:

In the winter of 2012/2013, Joan Kirk was shocked to find the two mature horsechestnut trees lining her front driveway have been tagged. The trees look healthy but were allegedly a “safety hazard” and scheduled for removal by the Town of the Blue Mountains.

Horsechestnut Before Horsechestnut After

Horsechestnut Grave-stump #1 Horsechestnut Grave-stump #2

The next spring, EDEN in SEASON planted a sweet chestnut (edible and unrelated to the horsechestnut) to both lessen the pain of the uprooting of these two grandfathers, as well as provide a pollinator for a lone sweet chestnut, planted by her late husband and land conservationist visionary, Mac.

Sweet Chinese Chestnut Mate

Hybrid chestnut in background (right), seedling Chinese chestnut in foreground (left).

American-Chinese Chestnut Nut

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