June 2014 Invitation to the GARDEN of EATING

I am excited to announce EDEN in SEASON’s latest project is Ivan Chan’s own property, the GARDEN of EATING. This is where the wildest dreams Ivan has started on many other properties will be manifested on a large scale, starting with the 800+ sea buckthorns planted last month.

But why visit an “empty” property? Nothing can describe one’s excitement of seeing a landscape change before your very eyes, to be able to say to your friends “This paradise you’re now seeing… it really was a bare field many years ago, and I was there to see it. And I was there to plant its first trees, which were no taller than the laces on my shoes.”

If permaculture = observation + adaptive design, then this is truly the best time to get a perspective on what is on the land which is influencing what ideas are in place for the land.

Join us July 1st/2nd at the GARDEN of EATING as we officially welcome the second half of 2014 on July 2nd at solar noon (1pm-ish). We’ll thank the dwellers before us, hear some of the stories of the land, ask for blessings from the land base, and plant our own tree seedling as we focus our intentions on the future.


  • Irish Mountain Lookout
  • hiking the Bayview Escarpment
  • hiking the back-40 of the property
  • Wednesday night special permaculture presentation at the Idea Club in Balaclava
  • Ted’s for local eats and jam night on Wednesday

I have not really set up camp having only been on the property for a month planting away, although there are the following amenities:

  • trampoline
  • hammock
  • campfire (who needs fireworks with the gun club next door and the tank range nearby?)
  • clean water (I’m drinking from the stream straight-up)
  • camp stove, pot, pan
  • basic utensils, plates
  • a couple extra tents and sleeping gear

Should you choose to camp-out, please bring:

  • camping gear if staying overnight July 1st/2nd
  • water bottle
  • water filter if you don’t want to risk E. coli
  • make-up and your most elegant evening attire (haha) as Ted’s Range Road Diner offers the most exquisite of local fare
  • any creative activity as desired (music, crafts,…)
  • food to share for potluck dinner (we’re going to cook a stew up in the big cauldron)

The GARDEN of EATING is 6km west of downtown Meaford, on GR 112/Range Road 1km north of Highway 26. Just past the creek crossing, the next left is the gun club #138308 and turn left at the next unnumbered driveway. Look for the EDEN in SEASON banner.

I will be on the property July 1st starting around 3pm, and may be in the deep end of the property or out on excursions. Feel free to make yourself at home and call my mobile to reach me.

Let me know if you can make it (705 888 EDSN mobile) and feel free to share with like-hearted folks.

Happy summer!

Ivan Chan

3 thoughts on “June 2014 Invitation to the GARDEN of EATING

  1. Hi Ivan

    Sounds like a great time and you are doing well ! Don’t know if I can make it as I am farther north on the other side of the bay. Look north-east and I will wave !

    Cheers my friend


  2. Hi Ivan,
    We will be celebrating this joyful garden of eating with you from afar. Enjoy and have fun.

    Mom and Dad

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