Feb 2015 Free Workshops

Happy Heartnut Holiday, We are running a number of FREE workshops as we open up our hearts to the approaching of spring:

  • March 17th 6:30pm at the Meaford Public Library: “Ecological Design” or get to know the nature of your property
  • March 24th 7:00pm at the L.E. Shore Memorial Library (Thornbury): “Nuts grow these in South Georgian Bay”
  • TBA spring opportunities (design exercise, tree plants, mushroom inoculations on the farm) will be announced in the next blog post

So what else is new since our last monthly-ish—ish update 8 months ago, Ivan Chan?! Our new-look web site affirms we are your go-to for helping you understand the nature of your land, while awaiting for year two at our very own GARDEN of EATING. (Bonus: visit our web site and keep an eye out for the fun stuff in the trivia section, and a secret link to Ivan’s performance poem)

making a deposit in private

Fertilize our flush toilet our make a deposit for future generations?

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