April 2015 Mushroom log workbee, last call for walnut saplings

Learn how to grow edible mushrooms, and take your very own pet log home!gnawing on fresh shiitake mushroom
•    week of April 7th in Thornbury (oyster only)
•    April 17th at Pretty River Inn (shiitake only)
•    April 29th in Ravenna (shiitake only)
•    April 18th, 23rd-24th, 30th-May 1st in Meaford (shiitake and oyster)

Let us know when you would like to join in and we’ll follow-up with details.

Ivan has been growing this exciting shade-grown gourmet food for the past 4 years. In this free workbee, learn about:
•    sustainable woodlot management
•    suitable wood and mushroom species
•    the 4 inoculation ‘professions’: dentist, nurse, healer, logger
•    the life cycle of a mushroom log
•    care for your mushroom log

Reply to reserve your spot, to make sure we have enough snacks, and to reschedule if unsuitable weather. We will also respond with possible carpooling possibilities.


Last call for Persian walnuts for spring planting! They are 2-3′ high bare-root dormant saplings with a generous 1-2′ taproot. $12-$20 depending on size and quantity.

Have a happy spring and see you soon!

9 thoughts on “April 2015 Mushroom log workbee, last call for walnut saplings

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  2. Hi,

    I would like to reserve two spots for Friday, April 24th. Could you let me know time and place?



    • Hi Coreen,

      Thanks for your interest.

      We’ll meet at the front entrance of the Garden of Eating. Directions are at http://edeninseason.ca/the-garden-of-eating.php

      It is an 8 minute walk to the forest so dress for the weather
      Bring rubber boots (I may have extras)
      clothing may get wax stained
      my cell phone which is occasionally on, is my only means of contact on the land 705 888 3376

      There’ll be 7 of us altogether that pm so have your own rubber boots if possible. Bring a thin pair of gardening gloves if you wish.

  3. Hi Ivan,

    For the persian walnuts – what soil type/wetness is preferred/required? I’m in a clay type soil with a fairly high watertable (around 6 feet from surface)


    • Hi Ed,

      High water table is not so good. It can take high and dry and windy sites fine. Many other plants can satisfy your condition… maybe a deferred property visit is due?! Give me a shout when you’re ready for a meetup.


  4. Hi Ivan

    I am available the weekend of the 30-1stand am interested in growing mushrooms. Could I have more details? What do you have in mind?


    Sent from Windows Mail

  5. Hi Ivan,

    Can you please confirm tomorrow afternoon’s workshop? The weather is looking pretty nasty. Not sure how much fun it will be to freeze.



    On Thu, Apr 16, 2015 at 6:19 PM, Coreen McNally wrote:

    > Hi, > > I would like to reserve two spots for Friday, April 24th. Could you let > me know time and place? > > Cheers, > > Coreen > > On Mon, Apr 6, 2015 at 9:23 AM, EDEN in SEASON Blog <

    • Hi Coreen,

      We are on so I’ll see you if I see you. If you can’t make it or the 30-1st, I can make an availability for early-mid May just let me know a few days in advance or phone my cell what day/times work.

      Ivan Chan

      EDEN in SEASON Edible gardens naturally designed http://edeninseason.ca/ 705 444 2684 Mobile 705 888 EDSN (3376) or email-to-txt

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