Oct 24th 2015 Hillbilly Spa Day

Come celebrate Year 2 on my land in Meaford aka The Garden of Eating.

2:47pm back-40 trail hike. Check out the shiitake mushroom laying yard, and some of the highlights of the back woods. Bring a bag to pick your own apples
5pm garden and front tour. Hear a performance of the permaculture poem ‘In Compost We Trust’
6pm potluck, preparing the hillbilly hot tub. Open fire, propane stove, oven are also available for food prep as needed
8pm hillbilly hot tub, fire, music, etc. Indulge yourself in the 5 elements ‘spa’, so bring your bathing suit (or not) and towel if you so wish to participate. Bonus: free ‘mud facials’

Other amenities are:
30′ trailer with basic utilities
filtered water and hot tea available
trampoline for the kids and kids at heart

Other things to consider:
be one with the sonic reverberations of the neighbourly gun club
BYO intoxicants and musical merriments
howl with the coyotes at the full moon
dress appropriately for the weather
camping out (bring a trailer or tent)
bring your significants if they bring significance

More info and directions to the Garden of Eating at the web link http://edeninseason.ca/the-garden-of-eating.php
RSVP advised so I get a sense of numbers and in the event of ride possibilities or freakish weather (snow/downpour/typhoon)
Call my self-own 705 888 3376 or reply by email if not urgent.

Hope to see you soon!

Hoping for the snow to clear out in time for Hillbilly Spa Day

Hoping for the snow to clear out in time for Hillbilly Spa Day

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