February 2017 Guelph Organic Conference Summary

This post summarizes all 4 topics that organic conference attendees asked for more information on.


As with plants, winter is also our season to recharge and plan for the growing season. Land seekers or land owners, remember the Organic Conference Special to initiate a property consult expires March 1st. More information on our web site under Property Consult.


MUSHROOM LOGS: inoculation workbees, spawn

Growing spawn (i.e. colonized sawdust starter culture) requires advance preparation for it to be ready in April-May.

Spawn: I will be propagating a wide-temperature strain that fruits gourmet shiitake mushrooms in mid-May and early October. Bags are 5-ish lbs and should inoculate ~25 logs or a garbage bag quantity of fresh wood chips, and are $25 each. Spawn bags can be shipped by mail.

Pet mushroom logs sold out at the organic conference. Consider attending a mushroom inoculation workbee to try your hand at one of the 4 inoculation ‘professions’ and take home a free log. Some dates are on our web site under Visit and Learn.

Or request a custom inoculation workshop for your property. We may consider a property visit if not online consult to assess your feasibility, number of trees to cut, and prepare for the inoculation party. Email me and we’ll chat about making arrangements.



I will be hosting a free permaculture talk likely in March following a Wednesday Montgomery’s Inn farmers’ market in Etobicoke. Let me know if you’re interested and we will update you when the workshop is.

Other workshop dates are on our web site under Visit and Learn.



Our list of Edible Plants.

If you have an apple/pear/hawthorn/plum/cherry tree, consider custom grafting tasty varieties onto your existing trees at Custom Grafting.

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