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May 2020: Corona Craziness

It honestly has been a tough year with house build items still incomplete, losing my family cat, grandma, and now a cousin. On top of that, the covid crisis has forced us all to find a new normal. On the farming front, it has been initially concerning with the lack of visible avenues to sell … Continue reading

July 2019: House Building and Berry Picking

Help will be appreciated with construction and berry picking, after 5 years of establishing the food crops and now starting my house build. Learn how the house is being assembled with styrofoam blocks, using passive solar principles and utilizing a central wood stove for supplemental heating and hot water pre-heating, it will also feature a … Continue reading

May 2019 House Build and Spring Specials

‘sparagus spears, shiitake ‘shrooms, succulent rhubarb stalks,… when people think spring foods such perennials indeed do shine: But commonly overlooked are perennial equivalents to your common kale, rapini, spinach, onion, garlic, and a colourful array of salad greens… and I’ve been harvesting them since late April. All of the items mentioned in this post are … Continue reading

April 2018 “Spring” Update

Happy spring! *INSERT STRAINED LAUGHTER* Kind of a blessing that the next few slushy days allows me to tie up any last winter tasks before gearing up for the busy growing season ahead: Workshops: April 21st Meaford 1:15pm Meaford Earth Week: Planning your Climate Resilient Farm (a shorter free version of my Guelph Organic Conference … Continue reading

February 2018 Guess these Plants

Can you identify these edible perennial plants growing at the Garden of Eating? I offer all these plants for bare-root planting in early spring. Spoiler alert: answers follow the pics… Our booth’s popular perennial plant pop-quiz once again intrigued passerbys at the Guelph Organic Conference. This year’s answers are: lovage I am experimenting with blanching … Continue reading

January 2018 Organic Conference

How do we plan our farm landscape knowing the weather is a big unknown? How do we plan for the northward migration of genetics? In exactly 2 weeks, Ivan will discuss these topics at his talk Planning Your Climate Resilient Farm at the Guelph Organic Conference. Coincidentally, another 4-5 workshops prominently discuss climate change and … Continue reading

June 2017 July 2nd, Plant Tasting Tour July 22nd

Celebrate 2017.5 on July 2nd at the Garden of Eating with a relaxing afternoon, hike at 4pm (weather permitting), and dinner potluck. Special bonus: additional fireworks may be provided by the military base and the neighbouring gun club. Then on July 22nd, I’ll be tag-teaming with Fiddlehead Nursery to wow you with a taste of … Continue reading

March 2017 Help on the Farm in April

Yes, it is already planting time! Help on the farm will be much-appreciated in April now that the ground has thawed and the season has ‘sprung’. Activities are: * bare-root transplanting, tarping (April) * mushroom log inoculating (April-May) * grafting (April-May) Best of all, these activities are exciting, educational, may involve nature hikes through the … Continue reading

February 2017 Guelph Organic Conference Summary

This post summarizes all 4 topics that organic conference attendees asked for more information on. PROPERTY CONSULT As with plants, winter is also our season to recharge and plan for the growing season. Land seekers or land owners, remember the Organic Conference Special to initiate a property consult expires March 1st. More information on our … Continue reading