What is Permaculture?

In its broadest sense, permaculture is community design.

Permaculture is about ecosystem community design. We can accelerate nature’s restoration cycle to heal the earth while providing food for each other. Firstly, we need to start with land, or rather, a network of interconnected landbases to sow the seeds and patterns of eco-cultural succession. I help landowners turn this into reality.

Permaculture is also about human community design. Can we draw upon the millennia of nature-based cultures and billions of years of nature’s intelligence to create a resilient social structure? We need one that is interconnected, democratic, fosters abundance, love, and community. One avenue is to create community capacity by facilitating workshops and gatherings.

Permaculture existed in my life before I had a name for it, as it has existed in many nature-based cultures before Bill Mollison and David Holmgren coined the term in the 70’s.

To me, permaculture is about returning home. Home being my childhood instincts. Home being my calling to live simply and with nature. Home being how humans have thrived throughout most of our existence which has now become alien to many.

A quick internet search will reveal that permaculture reasonates with each person differently. What does permaculture mean to you?

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